Engagement Shoot

Your First Photos

When planning a wedding there are a lot of elements to think about – venue, food, entertainment, dress. After all is said and done what’s left are the photos. Your photographer will be with you throughout the day, constantly pointing a camera at you to capture those memorable moments. For most people, this isn’t an every day occurrence and can be overwhelming. This is where the importance of engagement photos come into play. In participating in an engagement session, not only will start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera but you get into a rhythm with your photographer.

What makes an engagement session great? Capturing unforgettable photos that accurately convey your unique personalities. Are you bookworms? Party animals? Beach lovers? Long distance loves? These are elements that should be showcased to create an overall theme! Find a location that reflects who you are as a couple and get creative with the props. Let who you are shine through!

So take the time and brainstorm all the possibilities.

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