First Look

Catching a Glimpse

Over the past few years the tradition of waiting to see your fiancé at the wedding ceremony is being pushed aside in favor of a “First Look.” This is a private moment for you and your fiancé to see each other prior to the ceremony. We find a lovely and quiet spot for bride and groom to share some alone time. It’s a moment filled with love, hugs, smiles and lots of emotion. Such a beautiful moment to capture!

There are quite a few reasons having a “First Look” is important on the big day.

1) Your wedding is about the two of YOU. So you should have a chance to spend as much of the day together. If you can see each other before the ceremony, the more time you have to enjoy each other.
2) Even though the wedding is about the two of you, it also involves a lot of other people – often hundreds. Once you arrive at the wedding, you have to make sure that each guest feels special and welcome. Wouldn’t be nice to have some alone time together before beginning your hosting duties?
3) The anxiety and stress that accompanies a wedding can be overwhelming. Who better to soothe those anxieties than your fiancé? Seeing them before the ceremony begins can help.
4) When you have a “First Look,” not only do you have the opportunity to capture a beautiful and intimate moment between the two of you, but you also get more time and light for your portraits. Trying to fit in all the photos between the ceremony and reception may mean losing some important shots and missing the cocktail hour with your guests.
5) Even though you are seeing each other before the ceremony, it doesn’t take away from the amazing moment of walking down the aisle! You will still have butterflies in your stomach and your breath taken away.

Take moment and consider a “First Look.” You may treasure the time, photos and fun over following tradition, just like Jen and Andrew!